Kinds of silk

Satin / charmeuse silk

Satin silk (also known as charmeuse silk or satin silk) can be draped beautifully, has a soft feel to it and is also strong and durable. The weaving technique used is satin weave. With this technique, threads can be woven very close to one another so that the fabric becomes supple, smooth and shiny. This gives the fabric a luxurious look.

Chiffon silk

Chiffon silk is the lightest form of silk. Chiffon (the French word for 'cloth') is slightly transparent with a light stretch and crêpe-ish texture.

Habotai silk

Habotai silk is a down-like, light and sheer but strong type of silk (woven silk). This kind of silk has a soft and supple feel to it and has a soft glow. Habotai is the Japanese translation of “soft as down”.

Silk “Crêpe de Chine”:

Crêpe de Chine is a light but strong and durable form of silk. This type of silk has a soft shine and texture.

Silk jersey

Silk jersey (or knitted silk) is a lightweight/medium weight skinny, soft, knitted stretchy fabric that is extremely flexible. The material is of the best quality and has a mat shine, superior strength, excellent absorbent power and it has a lovely smooth and supple feel to it.

Georgette silk

Georgette silk. Georgette silk is a half transparent silk voile (light woven fabric, transparent, from the French: veil).

Jacquard silk

Jacquard. With 'Jacquard' patterns are created in silk. Because of this, this silk fabric usually has a higher density and is heavier than most silk fabrics.

Bourette silk

Bourette silk. Bourette silk has a course, burly texture and a lovely soft feel to it. Bourette does not shine like most silk materials and has a somewhat cottony look.

Dupion silk

Dupion silk is a shiny silk which is often woven from two different colours of threads which causes the fabric to glimmer or change colour in the light. Dupion is made from an uneven course silk.

Tussah silk / wilde silk

Tussah silk has an uneven texture. This kind of silk is somewhat thicker and less shiny.

Maintenance of silk

What is the best way to wash silk? You will find more information here.

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