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If you have ordered products that we no longer have in stock, we will order them from our suppliers. The basic principle in this is that we aim for a delivery that is as fast as possible in order to reduce your waiting time. After we have placed an order at our supplier, they send us an estimated delivery date. Subsequently we enter the estimated delivery times into our system. Depending on which supplier and brand we deal with, this might take a couple of days. The delivery times are updated by us on a daily basis so that possible changes can be passed on to you as soon as possible via the order status option. Products with the status ‘ordered’ with no estimated delivery time attached have, at that moment, a still unknown status. These are waiting for an update in the system. As soon as an estimated delivery time of these products is known, we enter it into the system and behind your product you will see an estimated delivery date.

If the delivery time of a product takes too long to your liking, you could choose to place an alternative order. If you would like advice when selecting an alternative product, we kindly request you to send an e-mail to our sales department: info@insilk.nl

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Indication of delivery time

If there is no stock, the product is ordered from our supplier after you have placed an order via our website. The estimated delivery time indicates within which time frame the supplier expects to be able to deliver the product.

We aim to keep our indications of delivery time up to date. However, they are only indications. Please keep into account that the actual delivery time may differ from the indication of delivery time on our website, because it depends on the current availability of the product at our producer or supplier. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Change in estimated delivery time

It is possible for the estimated delivery time of a product to change, due to a delay in the production process for instance, or due to an unexpected high demand from the market so that the production capacity is too small when compared to demand. It is, by the way, not always the case that delivery is pushed to a later date, earlier delivery also occurs on a regular basis.

If a delivery time changes, we will keep you informed of this in the order status. Of course you can also order an alternative product if the estimated delivery time is too long for your liking.

No longer available

The assortment of inSilk changes on a daily basis. It can therefore occur that a product you have ordered is no longer available.

If the product you ordered is no longer available, we will inform you of this as soon as possible by means of an e-mail. You can cancel your order or look for an alternative. If you have found an alternative or if you would like to cancel your order, you can inform the sales department of this by means of a reply to the e-mail message.   


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